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How do you get a Non Executive Director? Growing companies reach a point where a non-executive director would add value through challenge and advice; and potentially in a specialised area such as finance, marketing etc. That is, companies seek wider strategic skills to consoli­date the business and take it to the next stage of devel­op­ment.

As a small or medium sized company how would you benefit from the experience of a non-exec director? Having an independent voice on the board directly improves decision making, and generally ‘raises our game’. A director with a non-exec position develops governance skills that equally benefit their own company.

On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to Martin Hawley, the founder of Boardcircle whihc helps small and medium sized companies to experience a non-exec director by sharing some of the director time as non-execs with each other.



What you will learn

  • Our concept is for a completely new way of thinking about non-execs.
  • We want to take some of the mystery out of the role.
  • We believe that an independent director does not have to be the stereo-type retired senior manager but could be a current executive in an SME.
  • A lot is written about non-execs in large businesses. Large companies benefit from non-execs and encourage their executives to become one – for the professional development it gives them.
  • We are creating this opportunity for smaller companies. Asking people to volunteer their time, at least in the first instance, and for firms to reap the benefits of an independent director.
  • The benefits are 2-way, so we want to encourage all companies to take on non-execs and all directors to experience being one.
  • How becoming a non-executive is great professional development
  • That there is a wide talent pool of people who love business and will give their time in return for this professional development.

What you will achieve

  • Think of non-execs differently, as someone who can really understand and help to develop your business.
  • Think of yourself in a non-exec role, as someone with good executive experience playing a different independent role.
  • Imagine your business with a skilled independent director, a friend to the whole board, helping you develop robust strategy and take the difficult decisions.
  • Take the plunge on trying a peer-group non-exec, perhaps from a business at a further stage of development or with a specialist skill, sales, digital marketing, financial etc.Boardcircle helps small and medium sized companies to experience a non-exec director by sharing some of the director time as non-execs with each other. @boardcircle, @martinjhawley, boardcircle.me,


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