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How to create an online course BCL258

From your experience, know-how and expertise

Your content is your greatest asset.  You may be a trainer, consultant or speaker who would like to develop an online course. What are the secrets to developing a successful course? Can you use existing material and repurpose it. How long should it be and most importantly how do you promote it?  

Michael Brook from My Expertise on Line will show you how you could create passive income from an online training course.

Michael will also share with you the Total Online Course Blueprint… this is a tried and tested process that we use to create our own online courses and courses for our Done For You Clients.

Who is Michael Brook

Michael has been educating business people for over 30 years… In 1999 he left a senior position in the Pharmaceutical Industry to start his own training and development business… which he is still running. Professional Excellence specialises in Influence persuasion, behavioural change and communication applied to all aspects of business including sales. Marketing and leadership.

Michael is an NLP Master Business Practitioner, NLP Master Trainer and Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Michael is an experienced business film/video creator having studied with Michael Rosenblum (the father of video journalism) and Den Lennie…For the past 4 years, Michael has specialised in Helping people in the expert space or helping professions to take their experience, know-how and expertise and create their own online courses.



On the programme, Michael Brook will explain how:

  • To recognize the mindset challenges people face when creating online courses.
  • How to get the concept of your course right using the 4P formula.
  • How to Design, Structure, sequence and systematize your course.
  • The ideal creation methodology for your programme.
  • How and where to publish your programme and the importance of marketing and selling your course
  •  4 of his favourite marketing funnels

You will understand more about:

  • People who watch the show should have a good understanding of the process of creating a successful online course.
  • How to get started.
  • What kit they will need and know all the benefits of creating an online course
  • How it can transform their business

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