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How The Heck Do I Write A Business Book

How The Heck Do I Write A Business Book. If you’re a coach, consultant or speaker – an expert in what you do – then having a book raises you above your competition.

It can gain you more speaking opportunities, attract new, and better, clients to your business, and help you to establish your credibility as a leader in your field. But how do you go about writing your book when there are so many other demands on your time?

On this edition of Business Connections Live our guest is Ginny Carter, The Author Maker, is a business book ghostwriter and book writing coach. She’s on a mission to transform established speakers, coaches and consultants from everyday experts into respected thought leaders, through the book that grows their reputation and expands their business.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Ginny will explain:

• What to do before you write a word of your content
• How to outline your book
• The best ways to go about writing it
• Publishing options
• Top ways to market your book
• How to make it easier for yourself

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

• A book that persuades your readers over to your point of view
• An enhanced business profile as a result of your book
• A book that sells to the right people
• A book that hasn’t taken over your life to write

For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.

Website: www.marketingtwentyone.co.uk

Twitter: @_GinnyCarter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarketingTwentyone


Free Material: http://marketingtwentyone.co.uk/expert

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