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How do you raise your company profile in the financial press?


On this special edition, we talk to Headline Money’s Martin Quinn. Headlinemoney is the essential resource for thousands of financial journalists and PRs alike. Headlinemoney’s powerful digital platform connects this influential group direct with the UK’s financial services industry.

Headlinemoney’s powerful digital platform provides the ideal base to connect you quickly and efficiently with thousands of financial journalists via a number of key channels:

  • Fast, efficient platform for press releases reaching a comprehensive audience of financial journalists.
  • Intuitive, extensive, and easy-to-search contacts databases
  • Track the most influential journalists and broadcasters
  • Monitor and benchmark your organisation’s press release activity
  • Blog, diary and calendar

Who is Martin Quinn

Martin is Headlinemoney’s sales manager with over 15 years of experience working within online media, legal sales and business information. He’s an expert in winning new business, selling information solutions and growing key accounts for many blue chip clients in the UK and Ireland and across Europe.


On the programme, Martin discusses:

  • Where do journalists go to view press releases/research a story 
  • Why your subject line must prick their interest
  • Pick your target publications and journalists
  • Don’t send wild emails to all
  • Make sure your Press Release is backed up by data/research
  • Always showcase your spokespeople

You will understand:

  • Why you should swim where the fish are
  • Don’t mention your company in the subject line
  • What do PR’s most often get wrong?
    1. 73% Do not knowing the audience they write for 
    2. 68% Send Irrelevant material 
  • Make sure your Press Release is backed up by data/research – a reasonable sample size to help frame your argument
  • Post press releases often – have a plan – aim for one per month – journalists then get used to seeing good commentary regularly
  • Journalists love to be able to get a direct quote
  • Remember to balance the gender when picking spokespeople – aim for 50 / 50
  • Have your spokespeople/press releases/commentary ready around the big fiscal events like the Spring Statement and Autumn Budget

Featured Event:


with Headlinemoney

The 2019 Headlinemoney Awards will take place on Wednesday 8 May at our stunning venue, The Brewery. Be a part of the UK’s largest annual gathering of financial journalists. PRs and communications professionals.

Find out more about The 2019 Headlinemoney Awards with Headlinemoney

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