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Mentor Why You Need One In Business

On this edition of Business Connections Live we will be talking to Chelsey Baker the founder of “Broadcasting Your Business” – the Pitch, Press & Publicity Programme” which she launched to support innovators, entrepreneurs & business owners.

Mentor Why You Need One In Business

Why even top entrepreneurs need mentoring

On this programme,Mentor Why You Need One In Business, Chelsey finds mentoring a hugely gratifying experience and has witnessed the substantial benefits mentoring can bring and how it can help avoid many potentially fatal and expensive mistakes. People often become so engrossed in their business they often miss many opportunities and possible problems; this is where mentoring really pays off! Offering a second opinion, being there as a sounding board to suggest there are other options available is key.  Why learn from your own costly mistakes when you can learn from someone else’s; someone who’s been through these mistakes, and who is willing to share their experiences, advice and contacts? Chelsey has found that setting goals to work together within set timescales produces staggering results.

CHELSEY is one of the UK’s leading business mentors; having successfully raised the profile and enhanced the brands of hundreds of businesses throughout the UK. She tries to ensure business owners have a true and realistic perspective of the challenges confronting them.  Start-ups don’t typically have a wealth of experience or intuition to fall back on or the foresight to see further ahead, this is where an experienced mentor can step into action.

Many new businesses have brilliant ideas but often no track record, no contacts and no real business experience; those businesses stand to gain greatly from the guidance of an experienced business mentor who can help take their idea from concept to reality.

Chelsey’s company is Broadcasting Your Business

Broadcasting Your Business is 1-2-1 mentoring consisting of

  • Perfecting Your Message – Sales & Marketing Mentoring
  • Press & Publicity – Media & PR Mentoring
  • Pitching & Presenting – Powerful Public Speaking & Business pitching.

Raises your profile & credibility

  • Creates a stronger brand identity, increased visibility and uniqueness
  • Helps you stand out by creating message exclusivity, market demand and media exposure.
  • Helps fulfil your purpose and focuses on your strengths
  • Helps in growing and expanding your business


Benefits of mentoring  

  • Provides support, expertise, constructive feedback, accountability, different perspective
  • Accelerated learning with access to mentors resources and contacts
  • Can strengthen the business making it more robust, sustainable & profitable
  • Experienced mentor with a proven track record helps avoid costly mistakes
  • Improve focus, direction, confidence & performance
  • Provides encouragement and motivation so goals achieved quicker
  • Someone to trust and act as a sounding board to bounce ideas off

A Multi Award-winning Business Mentor 


Chelsey is the Author of the “The Pocket Mentor” – the 24/7 mentor to fast-track your business and creator of “Broadcasting Your Business – the Pitch, Press & Publicity Programme” which she launched to support innovators and entrepreneurs.

Chelsey realised there was a growing demand for a specialist mentor to increase the profile of entrepreneurs and her advanced sales & communications programmes deliver outstanding results.

As the host of ‘The Midas Touch’ at the Business Show in London Chelsey has listened to over 700 entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas. Chelsey is an authority on having the perfect pitch with a proven track record in pitching for investment, perfecting  your message, public speaking & presentations.

As a regular speaker at high profile business events and award ceremonies around the world; Chelsey has spoken alongside prolific business speakers including Peter Jones, Richard Farleigh, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richards and Levi Roots.

Last week Chelsey won the award for  “Best Mentor”  at the Excellence in Women’s Enterprise Mentoring –awarded by the British Banker’s Association at BT Tower.

Dragons’ Den star Doug Richards recently presented Chelsey with an award for winning the “Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Awards” at BAFTA in recognition for her mentoring work.

Other awards include – Best Mentor 2013 by Rockstar Group and host of – The Business Show, The Midas Touch, Madrid Film Awards, St Tropez Film Awards.

Chelsey launched “The Business Model” competition to encourage female enterprise and teamed up with Dragons’ Den star Richard Farleigh to encourage more women with entrepreneurial skills to start their own business. The show was a pioneering format and the model entrepreneurs were mentored to deliver their business pitches to an audience of over 600 people where the winner walked away with over £20,000 in prizes.

Author – http://www.thepocketmentor.com

Company – http://www.broadcastingyourbusiness.com

Personal – http://www.chelseybaker.com

Business Connections Live Programme 63  Why you need a mentor

This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel on YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 65. Broadcast 17th December 2014

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