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Streamed live on 9th April 2014

‪https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ -7 Ways Your accountant can help you – Business Connections Live Programme 30 Broadcast 9th April 2014

Most global corporations have the luxury of an in-house team of accountants working round the clock to ensure that taxes are paid on time, profit potential is evaluated and growth is managed successfully. However, a good accountant is as much a vital part of a small or start up business as it is for international companies.Many small businesses are run by husbands & wives as a team but important issues still apply.

On this edition of Business Connections Live we look at

7 Ways Your accountant can help you and your business.

We look at the importence of having a

  • Correct structure of the business – Sole Trader, a Partnership or Limited Company.
  • Remember, for new businesses do your homework/research/know your customer base.
  • Dont forget The Business Plan – don’t make it too long or complex
  • Most impottant, running your own business is hard work!
  • Understand your businesses knowing your customer base /having a good team of people is also essential.
  •  Pension provision and changes being introduced.
  •  Multi talented skills needed for a very small business.
  •  Budgets and cash flow

For those starting a new business:.

  •  Seek advice early on – you may have to pay!
  •  Use a qualified accountant for the financials and tax work
  •  Business owners should ensure they have Wills and consider Shareholder Protection.
  •  Delegate where possible

Shaw Walker Lees have a wide range of services to different businesses/sectors.

Our guest Philip Skinner has over 30 years experience advising clients in business accounting, tax and financial


Shaw Walker Lees have two offices, Covent Garden London and in Norwich.

A total of 40 technical staff/partners & support staff provide an extensive service to SMEs and business.


-Business Connections Live Programme 30 – 7 Ways Your accountant can help you

This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel On YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 30. Broadcast 9th April 2014


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