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Preserve, protect, and enhance your reputation

Especially in the virtual world!


No matter who you are, if you are in business you need to protect your reputation.

It’s more important than ever to create the right first impression, especially if you are a leader. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, virtual meetings online have become the main means of business connection. The initial excitement (if there was some) of having a home studio or chatting to your phone is wearing a little thin, especially for your audience who have seen enough ceilings, nostrils and witness protection zooms to last a lifetime.

How do you protect your reputation?

But how can you change this and make that first impression count and stand out from the crowd for the right reasons?
Jon Hammond has been helping leaders all over the world to make an impact either on stage or online for the last 30+ years. He gently guides and advises even the most reticent to achieve virtual success.

Who is Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond trained to be a surveyor but got a little bored so became a DJ on the European circuit. He then ran nightclubs in the UK, before getting his break in commercial radio. After 5 years he became legitimate (according to his Mum!) and joined the BBC initially presenting Radio and then Television.

His passion is value – helping you to understand, create and deliver great customer value – and get paid for it. it,

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Jon discusses:

  • How to make the best first impression (second impressions don’t exist!)
  • How to look and sound good on camera
  • Relating to a camera is a learned skill
  • Steps to take before going live
  • Don’t use the ‘Mud against a wall’ approach
  • Creating, maintaining and enhancing your reputation

You will Learn

  • They build their virtual reputation
  • They will stand out from the crowd
  • They will feel more comfortable online or in front of a live audience
  • They will keep audience attention
  • They will be memorable for the right reasons

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Website https://jon-hammond.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/jonhammondtweet
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbDi6piGR3urljw33gzf1Cw
LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/hammondjon

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