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Brexit: What are the Big 4 issues impacting the Logistics industry and your supply chain?

 Brexit: What are the Big 4 issues impacting the Logistics industry and your supply chain? Are we prepared for that?

Today Serafina Valente is going to give you an overview of what are the 4 Big Brexit issues that will impact the Logistics. She will address the potential challenges Brexit can bring to your business and provide some useful tips.

The main concerns to be explored are:

  1. How Brexit is impacting the logistics workforce
  2. What are the main issues around customs and movement of goods to/from Europe,
  3. How are some industries stockpiling in preparation
  4. Specific industries (such as the automotive sector) which will be highly affected by Brexit.

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Who is Serafina Valente

Serafina Valente is the Founder and Managing Director of LogistCompare. It’s an online marketplace solution for customers (in particular e-commerce and retailer) to find warehouse space on-demand. The portal is interactive and allows customers to liaise directly with providers without the intervention of a middleman. They can book warehouse space within minutes!

Serafina is an International logistics expert with over 20 years’ experience across a range of industries. During her career, Serafina has achieved remarkable cost savings for multiple businesses through the implementation of strategies including setting up warehouse solutions, global transportation tenders, performance monitoring and auditing freight charges.

She has also been effective in improving service levels of 3PL’s (Third Party Logistics providers). With her expert knowledge of the freight market and extensive logistics and network has managed to achieve significant cost savings and better operational efficiency across a variety of different retailers.


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Serafina Valente will explain:

  • How Brexit may affect “Last Mile” deliveries to their customers
  • Why companies are Stockpiling and how warehousing marketplaces can help
  • How Brexit tariffs can hit supply chain costs
  • What is the impact of the increased amount of Customs Declarations
  • Which industries are likely to be highly affected by Brexit
  • What are the tips to prepare your logistics for Brexit

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can:

  • Foresee how Brexit could impact your logistics and delay your product deliveries
  • Learn how to use warehousing marketplaces to facilitate stockpiling of inventory
  • Get an insight into tariff implications for logistics costs
  • See how the increased number of Customs Declarations may impact their business
  • Understand why some sectors are more affected by Brexit than others
  • Receive tips to prepare for Brexit

Useful Information on how to manage your Logistics

75% of the big organizations and only 47% of the smaller businesses are ready for Brexit. Here is our advice to the industry

  • Customs Support

When it comes to tariffs, have in place the right resources, maybe an import agent, consultant or experienced internal resource that can help your company navigate through the tariffs issue. There are cases when your tariffs can be reduced to zero. It is worth to have the right resource.

  • Bring Customs Declarations in-house

As you may expect, customs borders, airport and ports are inundated with customs declarations. Have the right resource in-house (whenever possible) to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Become a certified Authorised Economic Operator.

In UK only half a per cent is certified compared with Germany which has ten times more. This certification shows to customs that you are consistently compliant with their procedures. It can take up to six months to be certified, but it will help to speed up your goods through the borders. Also worth to consider.

  • Stockpile your inventory

While the Brexit logistics and customs implications get settled, finding temporary storage options could be the perfect solution to avoid excessive fixed costs.  LogistCompare is helping many clients to facilitate the process by giving you instant warehouses options for you to contact directly. More details can be obtained by emailing Feedback@LogistCompare.com


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