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Get Results Don’t Make Excuses


Get Results Don’t Make Excuses, easy to say but what does it mean? Sheena Canter explains this alternative approuch to feeling more confident, reducing anxiety and stress, all by thinking productive thoughts.

With information shoved in our faces all day long from the news, media, social media, billboards, friends and family – taking time to think for ourselves is becoming harder and harder. That said, it’s no wonder we find ourselves stressed out, exhausted, frustrated and frankly – drained. Well, the solution isn’t hard and it isn’t complicated. We have to remember to THINK. And, of course, we have to learn how to think effectively to create the life we want. You see, if you want to improve your health, wealth, happiness and relationships – you’re going to HAVE to tweak your thinking … there’s simply no way around it.

Who is Shena Cantar

Shena has partnered with Bob Proctor as speaker, author, consultant, coach, and mentor, I work with businesses and individuals, instilling within them not only the mental foundations of success and the motivation to achieve, but also the actionable strategies that will empower them to grow, improve, and thrive in today’s ever-changing world. Through the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Bob and Sandy Gallagher, I facilitate the teachings of the principles, strategies and fundamentals that help people and organizations create the results they want in life… results that STICK. This is a pure, no bull, high level content from centuries of study on how the most successful people in history think.

Featured in the show Bob Proctor of Proctor Gallagher, is synonymous with success. Long before his role in the movie The Secret sent him into the realm of superstardom, he was already a legendary figure in the world of personal development. His insights, inspiration, ideas, systems, and strategies are the dimes on which countless lives have spun — the sparks that have ignited career transformations, personal epiphanies, inner awakenings, and the creation of million-dollar fortunes the world over.



On this edition of Business Connections Live,Sheena Cantar will explain how to acheive any goal:

  • Business Success
  • Increased sales
  • Job promotion/New Job
  • Personal relationships
  • Wealth creation
  • Improve health

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • Fill confident in your ability to actively choose your life.
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress by thinking productive thoughts.
  • Know without any doubts that you could turn an idea and goal into reality.
  • Aceive the mental discipline to think about the things you want instead of stressing about what you don’t want.
  • Have a proven system to continually improve your results.

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Linkedin  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheenacantar/

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