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Are You Google Fit For Business

On this show, we ask the question,  ARE YOU GOOGLE FIT FOR BUSINESS?. Gain a greater understanding of what Google is looking for from your website to improve your business’ SEO

You can have the most beautiful website in the worldd, but if no one can find it because the search engines can’t read it, then how much use is it? We will explain how important SEO is and how it will make your website Google fit for business.

Make your website Google Fit For Business with effective SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often portrayed as something complex, surrounded by ‘smoke and mirrors’ when discussed with agencies. It’s difficult to understand what agencies do, they’re reluctant to tell you how they do it too (so how can you check they’ve done what they said they would do. More importantly  how do you know it’s working?)

Who is Relton Herron

Relton Herron delivers strategy and implementation for Brands online.  Enabling them to grow their bottom line and spheres of influence, by leveraging all appropriate Digital Marketing Channels for their Brand. He’s currently acting Chief Digital Officer for a multi-million digital portfolio which he built up from £22k per annum. Also He, assist other SME’s in building their online presence and revenues


On the programme, Relton Herron explains how to be Google fit for business::

  • SEO – THE MORE TECHNICAL SIDE (that’s actually not too technical) TO GETTING SET UP FOR SEARCH ENGINES. We’re not going to get all technical on you, we’re just going to tell you what you need to do and what needs checking

  • SEO – HOW TO CREATE SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY CONTENT. How to write SEO content for key terms and product description


You will understand: 

  • What you need to check for and therefore what you will need to implement.
  • Technical – has Google Analytics been set up, has it been set up correctly and what to look for.
  • Content – How to create your URL’s, Page Titles and META data and more (and more importantly what all these things mean)
  • Linking  – How social media can affect your SEO and why it’s important

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