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5 Ways You Self-Sabotage in Business and the #1 Mindset Fix.

Why self-awareness is the most important skill of all.

We all trip ourselves up. Over time we develop self-sabotage habits like procrastination, imposter syndrome and feeling not good enough. These habits, plus “stuck” emotions like anxiety, keep us from achieving what we’re capable of in business and hold us back in every area of life. You will discover why we Self-Sabotage in Business and whys to resolve it.

In this interview, Mindset Trainer Caroline Ferguson uncovers the 5 main ways in which business owners unconsciously create inner resistance. She reveals the key mindset skill for overcoming these self-inflicted obstacles and shares 3 powerful questions that can empower you in any situation.

Who is Caroline Ferguson

Caroline Ferguson is a mindset trainer, speaker, coach and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist who is enthralled by human potential. She’s worked with hundreds of purposeful entrepreneurs and executives, teaching them to embrace their own promise and ditch self-sabotage habits like thinking small, procrastination and imposter syndrome.

Caroline also delivers mindset talks and training to organisations, helping employees create a growth mindset and build the #1 life skill of self-awareness.



On this edition of Business Connections Live, Caroline Ferguson will explain:

  • The 5 main ways in which we hold ourselves back in life and business.
  • The most toxic type of limiting belief, and the negative consequences for us.
  • The number 1 life skill you can learn to overcome your toxic beliefs.
  • 3 powerful questions that can help you regain control when you feel triggered.

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • They’ll have a simple but effective tool (PACES) to help them build the #1 life skill of self-awareness (which only comes naturally to 10 to 15% of people).
  • They’ll have a clearer understanding of what type of situations trigger inner resistance for them.
  • They’ll have 3 powerful self-coaching questions that will transform their ability to turn around situations in which they feel stuck, helpless or not good enough.

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Website: https://carolineferguson.com/

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