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How to Minimise Stress and Increase Productivity

On this show, we look at How to Minimise Stress and Increase Productivity. We are all busy. Caught up on the seemingly endless treadmill of emails, work pressures, information overload, constant distractions and the feeling of ‘there’s never enough time’! As a result, we never take the opportunity to consider if there is a different approach we could take that would help us be calmer, more productive and effective. In this show.  

How to Minimise Stress Without Losing Your Oomph!

Sarah Alexander will talk about how to minimise stress and increase productivity and calm confidence from the perspective of understanding our psychology and the functioning of our brain.

Who is Sarah Alexander

Sarah has been a business adviser, coach, trainer and speaker for 17 years. Typically, Sarah works with Surrey business owners and senior directors of growing and established businesses who are concerned about the pressure or challenge that they, or their team, are under. They worry that they are not taking good decisions or problem solving well and fear they are not communicating effectively or presenting confidently in front of clients or audiences. All of this impacts productivity, staff morale and ultimately, the business bottom line.

Formerly, Sarah was a dressage rider running a small equestrian centre for twelve years. During this time, Sarah turned around the failing business and generated a consistently profitable ‘high-end’ concern that thrived through economic recession when other similar businesses were failing. Before selling that business in 2001, she learnt first-hand the tools of visualisation, mindfulness, sports psychology, NLP and other development techniques to achieve her own best performance and inspire that in others.

Since then, Sarah has combined these techniques with the latest neuroscience and worked successfully with people on the international stage including entrepreneurs, actors, sports professionals and a winner of the prestigious PGA Golf Championships. She has also taught leadership development programmes for Shell and other multinationals in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

Sarah has written many articles for magazines and national newspapers including The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and Huffington Post. She has also spoken regularly on the radio. She is the author of Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence in Business.

On the programme, Sarah Alexander explains how to:

  • Understand the negativity bias in the brain and how it exacerbates stress
  • Maximise the use of their brain for productivity
  • Recognise the different mindsets behind stress versus calm confidence
  • Focus the mind for effectiveness
  • Manage negative emotions

You will understand and learn how:

  • A greater recognition of the workings of their mind that will exacerbate or reduce stressful feelings
  • Tools for structuring their day to be more productive
  • Knowledge of the mindset of calm confidence: the antidote to stress
  • More effective work periods through focusing their minds
  • Greater control over their negative emotions when under pressure

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The book looks at How to Minimise Stress Without Losing Your Oomph!

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