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Your 12 Pillars For Growing You And Having A Successful Business

Your Personal Development Plan

1. Your Why – Your Motivation
2. Your Personal 5 Year Plan

Your Business Growth Plan

3. Your Business 5 Year Plan
4. Your Brand Assets
5. Your Products
6. Your Markets
7. Your Marketing Plan and Your Social Selling BluePrint
8. Your Board, Leaders and Teams
9. Your Systems
10. Your Finance – Knowing Your Numbers
11. Your Assets – Your Intellectual Property
12. Your Scalability

Who is Rupert Honeywood

Business Growth Bureau was formed 5 years ago to help companies to put in place strong strategies for growth following our Social Selling Blueprint around the “three cogs”: Lead Generation, Prospect Nurturing and Sales Optimisation

The Bureau has since evolved into a much more substantive organisation and love to inspire CEO’s and Leaders to achieve exceptional business success through training, mentorship, building life time partnerships and collaborative business growth

This is done by helping you through business and life’s challenges to seek out opportunities in a highly supportive framework, working with Leaders and CEO’s to excel and who act as your advisory board


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Rupert Honeywood will explain:

  • Personal “why” and your business values and goals are well aligned for growth as part of your 5 year plan
  • Brand Assets and associated collateral support your products and what customers want plus you properly protect your Intellectual Property.
  • Products are well aligned for your target markets and you understand who your ideal target customers are including the Social Selling Blueprint
  • Management structures are well defined and if you don’t have a “board” you seek expert help to ensure that your business stays on track
  • Financial Controls and finance are properly in place and that you know your numbers ensuring a strong ROI
  • Systems and your internal processes are well defined so that you can grow and scale your business

Learn the business fundamentals on:

  • Much greater personal and business satisfaction as you are running the business – the business is not running you

  • You are building inherent value in your business for increased income and for potential ultimate sale if that is what you want

  • You will have a strong marketing strategy and clients are drawn to you and understand what you offer using our Social Selling Blueprint – ie clients are walking through an open door

  • The business doesn’t just revolve around you, you have the right people, systems and structures in place so that you can scale and grow

  • You will understand why partnerships and collaboration and being part of a support network are so important

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Email rupert@BusinessGrowthBureau.com
Phone 0203 397 4970
Mobile 07912 600999

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