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How Will GDPR Affect Sales

How Will GDPR Affect Sales – Train your sales force to use GDPR as a benefit when promoting your product. The whole purpose of GDPR is to engender trust. Trust in your business. Trust in Your product; Trust in your people.

You B2B customers will want to know that you are demonstrably GDPR compliant as part of the contract that they enter into with you, especially if you are a third party processor. Being able to assure them that you have been GDPR audited and can provide them with a copy of your GDPR policy and Privacy Notice means that your customer know that they can deal with you safely and securely and also lets them know that you take the protection of their personal data very seriously.

And what about prospecting and finding new customers?  Telephone Calls – Emails – Networking – Social Selling – Third Party Lists – Cold Calling – Referrals

Now is the time to use GDPR to increase sales – not mourn their passing!!!

Linda Bazant is a Barrister and GDPR Auditor/Assessor, Trainer & Speaker. In addition to being available to audit/assess your business for GDPR, Linda can also offer bespoke Employee Awareness training courses for your in house team from Board Level down. She is also available to speak at events, conferences and team briefings.


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Linda Bazant will explain

  • How to sell using GDPR
  • Safe prospecting
  • The resurgence of cold calling
  • Introductory emails

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • A sales platform built on trust
  • A re-motivated sales force
  • A culture of GDPR in your business
  • Enhanced reputation of your brand

For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.Websitehttp://lindabazant.com/ Twitter: @LindaBazant   Blog: http://lindabazant.com/blog/  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindabazant/

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