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Festival of Enterprise Part 1 BCL277

Business Showcases

The Festival of Enterprise is a yearly show for SME’s, business startups and entrepreneurs. Business Connections Live TV and Racheal Taplins, Media March Maker Service presented the media hub at the show. Business Connections Live TV  intervied a number of businesses and business owners to produce there Business Showcase Videos.These Business Showcase videos are featured on todays programme.

What is The Festival of Enterprise

The Festival of Enterprise is the fuel you need to get your business to where you want it to be. And sooner, rather than later Strategy can be sidetracked in the day to day running of a business, and scaling up takes the back seat as you end up dealing with piles of paperwork, projects going wrong or dealing with your overflowing inbox.

This shows in the statistics – according to the ScaleUp Institute, scaleups bring in £1.3tn of the £1.9tn generated by all UK SMEs. The remainder is brought in by millions of companies not making anywhere near as much of an impact as they could.

There’s clearly more than a few secrets business owners need to learn about when it comes to growth. Fortunately, the Festival of Enterprise will reveal them all.

It is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Techniques are based on the latest neuroscience research. The approach enables you to seek positive solutions and develop alternative ways of thinking.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, we feature:

  • Gez McGuire – If you’re finding that your business isn’t growing as quickly as you would like, then you’re in the right place. I am an investor that can assist with rapid business growth. http://www.gezmcguire.co.uk/
  • Lionel Mazzella, Devo-IC  – Digital Transformation is not just only about technology innovations and their disruption on the business, but also how these technological innovations are adopted and used within the business. https://www.devo-ic.com/
  • Melissa Howard, E Volve Global – Creating lasting change, growth & success. With my coaching programmes you’ll discover the tools to achieve them all and the mindset to master them all. https://www.e-volveglobal.com/
  • Sarah Ross, Your Reason To Breath – Can you imagine…a team where everyone supports each other and where each person is the best version of themselves delivering at the highest level? http://www.yourreasontobreathe.com/
  • Andrea Reynolds, Swoop Funding – Swoop is a business funding and savings platform enabling you to discover the right funding solutions across loans, equity and grants, and to identify and easily make savings – all in one fell swoop.
  • Asha Berzon, Mindability Hypnotherapy – It is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Techniques are based on the latest neuroscience research. The approach enables you to seek positive solutions and develop alternative ways of thinking. 
  • Subash George Manuel, Techbank – A private Crypto Platform built to support the cryptowallet requirments and crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto exchange requirements for all cryptocurrency and Blockchain networks. https://techbank.finance/
  • Edward Martin, Quoteddata – QuotedData publishes free, reliable educational resources, research and news on carefully selected sectors and companies, some of which is sponsored. In addition, we provide data, including performance charts and statistics, across the full spectrum of pan-European equities. https://quoteddata.com/
  • Racheal Taplin, MediaMatchMaker -Are you ready for a Media Match with Media Matchmaker. Media Matchmaker is disrupting the publicity & media market, connecting the UK media & journalists to businesses & entrepreneurs, like never before. https://mediamatchmaker.co.uk/

Find Out More About:

The Festival of Enterprise

If you are:

  • A Business Leader, Entrepreneur or Company Director. I’m visiting to network, to learn strategies for growing my business and to meet vendors who can support me.
  • A vendor of business services including finance, marketing, technology and business support. I am exhibiting to show how we can help businesses to grow.
  • A recognised expert in business growth. I am attending to present strategies that can be deployed to support high growth and scaling up.

Then you should be visiting The Festival Of Enterprise.

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