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Leading disruptive change in uncertainty

New habits and leadership behaviours

In an increasingly uncertain world, we need new habits and leadership behaviours in business. Uncertainty creates an emotional response and requires a more collaborative style of leadership based on trust and mutual respect.

Leading through uncertainty

Jude shares how overcoming her fear of horses led her to understand uncertainty and non-verbal human behaviour, and how horses help leaders and teams communicate more effectively.

Who is Jude Jennison

Jude Jennison inspires organisations to lead disruptive change with more human connection. She takes senior leaders and executive teams out of their comfort zone, into a field of horses to get feedback on their leadership skills. Sound crazy? Maybe, but she gets rapid results for clients and helps leaders change the default patterns of behaviour that derail business.

When a horse says no to your approach, it’s an opportunity to find a new way. Jude’s unusual approach improves communication, trust, respect, creativity, flexibility, courage, compassion and confidence. Clients regularly describe working with Jude and her horses as life-changing”, “mind-blowing” and “the best leadership training they’ve ever done”.

Previously in IBM, Jude managed a budget of $1 billion and saved 25% over two years. She combines her seventeen years’ senior leadership experience in IBM with extensive coaching and leadership expertise.

Jude is an author, international speaker, executive coach and pioneer of Leadership with Horses. She hosts the ‘Leading through uncertainty’ podcast series and is author of the books Leadership Beyond Measure and Leading Through Uncertainty.




On this edition of Business Connections Live, Jude Jennison will explain:

  • The context of uncertainty
  • How uncertainty creates an emotional response
  • The leadership behaviours needed in uncertainty
  • How working with horses reveals leadership behaviours
  • How to create human connection in uncertainty

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • Feel more confident leading disruptive change
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm in your team and organisation
  • Understand how working with horses can transform leaders, teams and business
  • Improve emotional connection in the workplace
  • Increase trust and mutual respect in uncertainty

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Podcast: Leading through uncertainty podcast series
Book: Leadership Beyond Measure
Book: Leading Through Uncertainty

Website            www.judejennison.com
Twitter              @judejennison
Facebook         https://www.facebook.com/leadersbynature/
YouTube          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl9918IJ_9g&t=6s
Linkedin           https://www.linkedin.com/in/judejennison/

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