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Business to Business communication in just a minute

– Business Connections Live Programme 32 Broadcast 23rd April 2014

Do your presentations lack gravitas? are you getting your message over. Do you waffle on or are you concise and to the point. Can you recognise the different personalities in your audience.

On this edition of Business Connections Live TV, Steve Bridger author of ” Fast Track your Business Writing Skills” and “Success Before Start-up” discusses:

  • How to become a better communicator in business and improve your personal skills
  • How to be a more effective communicator – that will result in being a more valuable asset for your business
  • Understand the importance of your role as a ‘go between’ messenger to make sure you translate what management want to say into something people/audience – either internal or external want to hear

Business to Business Communication in Just A Minute

Business to Business communication in just a minute

We explain the 3 key elements

  • Set your communication goals – be clear and unambiguous and be concise.- all 3 to produce the right response and your get people to take the action you want.
  • And remember:

Know yourself and Know your audience/reader
The Golden Rules – Always Write for your reader and Speak to you’re your listener – adopt the right tone of voice and content.

  • Know how to analyse your audience, there are 3 key groups

1. Blue Sky thinkers
2. Action Men/Women
3. Detail Lovers.

Your speaking or writing has to accommodate all 3 character types.
One last tip – How long is 60 Seconds – when you have to stand up and do an elevator pitch
The answer??? Well you will just have to wait and see!!
Its all about Communicating Business to Business communication in just a minute

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