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Welcome to the Empathy Economy

The Internet of things (IoT)

The Empathy Economy is the subject discussed with Dr Jacqui Taylor, CEO and co-Founder FlyingBinary.  This is not something that will happen in the future …it is already here and these changes are already operating in the Internet of things (IoT) where machines are a part of our online business journey whether we know it or not. It is part of the technology change for IoT which is being built using deep technology such as Artificial Intelligence.

The key difference with the changes IoT brings is this is not a change to a technology industry but a societal level change. If we are building our businesses online today we are already helping create and curate this new economy.

Who is Dr Jacqui Taylor

Dr Jacqui Taylor is a Cyberpreneur and one of 100 Global Leaders for 2019, as a top 10 Global Internet of Things innovator she doesn’t just predict the future she engineers it using cutting edge web science research.

One of the 100 most powerful UK entrepreneurs, awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her international web science work. One of the original 250 Founders of Tech City, in December 2016 she pivoted her company FlyingBinary to meet the challenge of Brexit and the Internet of Things (IoT) with spectacular results. She is an expert advisor to the G20 on how to transition the Global Economy for IoT.



On this edition of Business Connections Live, Dr Jacqui Taylor will explain:

  • What is the Empathy Economy

  • What is the IoT, whether it is different to the IIoT

  •  What is Deep Tech, whether it is the same as Digital Technology?

  •  As a business if your offering is not technology how you can we be part of the Empathy Economy

  •  Whether you can just ignore IoT and carry on regardless

  •  The best place to start your migration to IoT

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • How their business can be part of the Empathy Economy

  •  How technology will change the business models we are operating today.

  • How their business can start the transition from Digital Technology to IoT

  • What the ROI (Return on Investment) is for IoT

  • Whether they are one of the 58% of businesses currently most at risk from Cyber Crime

  • What the biggest risks are in your home from IoT

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LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-jacqui-taylor/

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