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How To Celebrate Your Retirement Years

On this edition of Business Connections Live Steve Hyland asks Gill Mathias,psychotherapist/NLP master practitioner about How To Celebrate Your Retirement Years.

Employees who have worked hard and for long hours need to plan a couple of years in advance for retirement. Retirees are healthier, more active and can expect to live longer than a generation ago.

Our courses for groups, couples or individuals cover the feelings of the participants about this important transition. we talk about their hopes, fears, change of identity and to make the change work for them. The sessions open up the minds to the positives and give insight to the pitfalls in retirement, you need not only a plan but a vision.

Gill Mathias –psychotherapist/nlp master practitioner specialising in preparing clients to “celebrate retirement”

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Gill will explain:

  • how to really assess what they really want and focus on the vision for the future
  • how to develop a plan for every day life – health/activities/friends.
  • how to address the change in relationship with partner and extended family due to more time
  • how to move forward with renewed confidence
  • how to celebrate this exciting transition for later years.

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can:

  • get over the fear or nervousness about going into retirement
  • have the retirement you want and not what others may want you to have
  • achieve clarity and have purpose on your goals
  • how to focus on the future
  • discuss the change in relationship with partner and extended family, as there is positive fulfillment but also pitfalls that will have been discussed.
  • will have discussed socialisation and renewed time with friends or making new friends.

For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.Websitehttps://gillmathias.com/ Twitter:@goldcoachuk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goldcoachuk/   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gill-mathias-34371224/

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