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https://www.businessconnectionslive.com – Finding funding for your business and planning strategy for success – Business Connections Live Programme 12.

How do businesses find out what grants and funding are available  for them and just how vital is that all businesses keep their business plans up to date? Every business should have a robust strategy that ensures growth.

Lizanne Jakobs specializes in working with organisations and businesses to help them grow their business. Lizanne says “I help them focus on the business objectives, specify what needs to be done to achieve them and make sure they stay focussed as it is all too easy to get sidetracked with day to day tasks. I also coach their staff and train them where needed on certain topics such as communication, delegation, sales and other aspects of running a successful business”.

On this edition of Business Connections Live…

Finding funding for your business and planning strategy for success

It is important to grow you business in a sustainable manner. Recent reports have shown that in spite of economic growth, business owners are still reluctant to invest in their company. By making sure you take advantage of government grants and subsidies, having solid budgets and business plans you can really grow the business without putting yourself or the company into debt. We also talk about different ways to get funding if you do need it.

We also discuss the importance of having a business plan – the vast majority of SME’s either don’t have one or it is very out of date. After watching this edition of Business Connections Live you will have some of the necessary tools your business needs to provide a firm foundation for future growth.

We show you…

  • That there is help out there, either free or low cost
  • That you need to have a business strategy and plan
  • What support is available to achieve your business goals.
  • We have included some useful websites that can help with more information.

Finance and support for your business


Growth Accelerator Programme

GrowthAccelerator is a unique service led by some of the country’s most successful growth specialists where you’ll find new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy you’ll need for your business to achieve its full potential.


 Manufacturing Advisory Service

Through MAS you could access a grant of between £300-£3000 towards your next improvement project… with only a single form to complete. Put simply, this makes it more affordable for you to get your project moving and keep costs to a minimum, ensuring a maximum return on your bottom line.


Sustainable Routes – the European Grant that helps cut travel costs

Sustainable Routes offers a grant of up to £1,000 to businesses, excluding franchises, who can cut travel costs by adopting new ways of working. If your business employs less than 250 people and is located in the South East of England


Hiring an apprentice

£1500 government grant and various local grants on top of that. Apprenticeships help businesses to grow.

96% of employers that take on an apprentice report benefits to their business. 72% of businesses report improved productivity as a result of employing an apprentice. Other benefits reported by around two-thirds of employers include improved products or services, new ideas being introduced to the organisation, better morale among staff and more staff staying with the organisation.


Baker Tilly research reveals – SMEs optimistic for 2014 – but caution could hamper growth

Research carried out by Baker Tilly has revealed that 45% of SMEs in the UK are confident about growth opportunities for their businesses over the next 12 months, yet are reluctant to invest in growth. Almost half of all SMEs expected to increase turnover by 5% or more in the next 12 months, although 84% were not prepared to take on more debt to expand.


Lizanne Jakobs – Ology Coaching

OBCC is a network of professional coaches who work with clients to help them reach their full potential. Lizanne has a Master’s degree in Business Communications, with nearly 20 year’s business experience, and is a registered and accredited coach with Growth Accelerator, part of the Ology group of about 50 coaches worldwide, Chair of the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce Business Forum, DISC certified trainer and registered consultant with the Manufacturing Advisory Service. She coaches in English, Dutch, German and Spanish (and also work a little in French).


This hour is all about, Finding funding for your business and planning strategy for success – Business Connections Live Programme 12.

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