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Never Give Up in Business

On tonight’s edition of Business Connections Live we will be talking to Reuben Singh CEO of alldayPA
Reuben has experienced outstanding success in his business career and he’s seen some incredibly tough times too. He knows what it’s like to enjoy the success of a business and the pain of trying to rescue it.

Never Give Up in Business


  • Starting & Growing a Business
  •  The difficulties he faced in growing a business (personal experience)
  •  The tough times in business (personal experience)
  •  Surviving when the odds are against you
  •  Focussing on the needs of your clients

Business Advice from Reuben Singh

  • Never give up in business
  • Don’t make money your goal
  • Entrepreneurs have no age and stereo type
  • Business is about people and emotions
  • The UK needs to embrace people who have tried regardless of success or failure
  • UK is one of the best countries to grow your business on a local or global scale

About alldayPA

Answering calls for businesses since 1999, we give businesses reassurance that they will never miss a call.

Since 1999 our UK-based business has grown to a team of over 150 staff. All our calls are answered from one of our three contact centre locations by our highly-trained team of PAs. Providing a personal, friendly and professional service, we help uphold our clients’ reputations.

No matter how large or small your business your customers deserve the highest quality service. We give you the ability to be available for your callers every day of the year.We believe in the power of excellent service. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we help ensure that you never miss a call or business opportunity.

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