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How to Buy a Business Without Risking Your Own Cash

Discover the skills needed to buy a business

How to buy a business – buying another business is the fastest way to grow your company – and Jonathan Jay mentors business owners to do exactly that – without personal risk or using their savings.

Jonathan Jay and his team of business buying and selling experts will train you in the steps to buying a business, growth by acquisition, how to sell a company and business turnaround. If you want expert guidance on how to buy a business or how to sell your business effectively without business brokers – you’re in the right place!

Maybe you want to understand the best way to borrow money to buy a company or how you go about buying a business with no money down. There are many no money down business opportunities, even when buying an established business When you see a small business for sale or any business for sale you might wonder how to buy a business and how to best go about valuing a business.

Who is Jonathan Jay

For over 20 years, Jonathan Jay has bought and sold companies, making millions along the way. He was Entrepreneur of the Week in the Financial Times and helped families move abroad and set up businesses in other countries for BBC’s Get a New Life TV show


On the programme, Jonathan Jay looks at How to Buy a Business Without Risking Your Own Cash:

  • Why buying a business is a fast track route
  • The skills needed to buy a business
  •  Where to find business for sale
  • Why people want to sell their business
  • How to structure a deal
  • How buying a business might be the key to the biggest payday of your life

You will understand how to:

  • Spend less time in the office
  • Have More passive income
  • A bigger exit when they sell their company
  • Less stress
  • Brings the fun back into business
  •  A new challenge

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