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The Power of Charisma in Business

The power of Charisma in Business. Charisma is a major factor to building engagement and high performing teams. Show streamed Live Monday 9th January 2017 12 noon.

According to Harvard Business Review and the University of Lausanne, charismatic leaders are happier, healthier and 68% more effective than their less charismatic counterparts.

 “The Charisma Connection was our highest development intervention and ‘life changing’. Terri Bailey Director of Performance & Engagement, Virgin Holiday

The Charisma Connection enables you to discover the secret of engagement. It is designed to reconnect you with your own natural charisma so you find it easier to understand and motivate your team resulting in greater engagement, productivity and profitability.

On this edition of Business Connections Live our guest is Sylvia Baldock who specialises in unlocking the hidden potential in individuals and teams. A Personal Presence and Team Dynamics Trainer, Accredited Partner with The Charisma Connection, Professional Speaker, Presentation Skills Trainer, Confidence Coach, Business/Personal Coach/Mentor, International Author, Talent Dynamics Global Partner and Regional Director of The Athena Network.



On this edition of Business Connections Live, Sylvia will explain:

  • Appreciate the benefits gained from developing charisma
  • Understand how neuro-science relates to energy, behaviour and charisma
  • Understand how you can enhance your own charisma
  • Why heart centred connectivity supports a growth culture
  • Discover the impact of operating in ‘survival’ and ‘growth’ mechanisms
  • Experience the impact of energy and how it affects others

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • Greater engagement of colleagues and team members
  • Better rapport with clients and prospects
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • A much more collaborative culture
  • How to change ‘state’ and maintain a positive mindset
  • Augmented Charisma

Download Sylvia’s brochure click here.  

For more great information visit our Guests website or follow them on Social Media.

Website: www.sylviabaldock.com

Twitter: @Sylviabaldock

Facebook: Sylvia Baldock

Charisma Link: The Charisma Connection

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