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Social Entrepreneurship Making A Difference

Social Entrepreneurship can make a real difference to society by using innovations in technology to make a positive social impact.

The emerging internet 18 years ago highlighted an opportunity to provide transparency for organisations through a new kind of web-based data management system enabling retailers, corporates, public sector and charities to recognise when citizens positively contribute to their community – be that taking public transport, recycling, keeping fit, e-learning or volunteering – and reward them with vouchers, discounts and gifts from their favourite brands.

This edition of Business Connections Live will be a valuable insight into making a difference to society and helping citizens do more in their community by recognising and rewarding those who ‘do good things’

Debra Charles is founder and CEO of Novacroft. Novacroft is a smartcard technology and software solutions company.


On this edition of Business Connections Live, Debra will explain:

  • How innovation in technology can be used to make a positive social impact
  • The importance of wellbeing to society and how businesses can make a difference
  • Why personal wellbeing is good for the nation’s health
  • The importance of the future of public transport to the growth of UK GDP
  • That together we can do good things

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • By following the the advice given in this programme, viewers (especially business owners) who are involved in their local communities will be able to begin to do so more effectively.

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