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Cashflow is one of the most important aspects to understand in business.
Effective cashflow management is crucial. Although it’s a challenge and you need to be making enough sales, there are many things you can do to ensure sufficient cash enters your business when you need it to. But who do you turn do when you need to, Just Cashflow

Make cash your priority with Just Cashflow

The well-worn business cliché is true: turnover is vanity; profit is sanity; cash is reality. But what does it mean?

What do you do when your cash flow goes wrong? Go to the Bank? Look for Funding? Find a willing investor? Many company’s are faced with this problem everyday. On this edition of Buisiness Connections Live we look at the Importance of cash flow to businesses (Cash is King) and how Just Cash Flow is funding UK businesses.

We talk to

John Davies, Director Just Cash Flow PLC about how Just Cashflow can help your business.

He explains:

  • Guidance for companies wanting to borrow
  • Importance of Cash Flow
  • How to improve cash flow tips
  • How can Just Cashflow help ?
  • What are our solutions
  • and what the ambitions are of Just Cashflow.

You will find out what the key benefits are to your Business by working with Just Cash Flow

  • What we mean by Wageroller
  • How important is MDs Degree and director education
  • The Ease of application
  • What can a business can do to improve their application
  • Flexibility you can pay back anytime
  • It is not a loan but a cash credit facility

Just Cashflow is funding new and growing UK Businesses.

The’re your alternative to a bank overdraft or a business loan.

Just Cashflow PLC is a specialist lender to new and growing UK businesses.

A free, no obligation funding decision made by real people with many years of commercial experience. And we lend our own funds.


They will lend funds against the following:

  • A single invoice
  • Multiple invoices
  • Commercial premises
  • Fixed, tangible assets
  • A positive balance sheet
  • A debtor ledger
  • A successful crowd funding application

 Just what do they offer? 
Our facilities are a form of credit that is automatically renewed as the cash is repaid where you can borrow from £20,000 to £500,000.

 You’ll get a free, no-obligation funding decision in less than 6 minutes. It’s confidential and your credit score will not be effected. You can even do it all over the phone.

 And with interest rates from just 0.05% per day you could borrow £100,000 for just £50 a day.

Call 0121 418 4100  or visit http://www.justcashflow.com. Our team will take care of the rest.

Follow us on Twitter @justcashflowuk as we’re #funding2015


This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel on YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 65. Broadcast 7th January 2015

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