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Get Ready for Business

After Lockdown

With the news that the UK is coming out of COVID Lockdown over the next couple of months. What should businesses be doing now to be getting ready. On the show we discuss the difficult time that politicians have had deciding on what to do. The expertise and knowledge from hindsight and what as business owners, we can expect over the next few months.

Also, Antionio offers some stratigic advice on Sales and Marketing to help ensure a succesful future for your business.


Who’s Antonio Falco

Sales cannot be left to chance. For your sales team to deliver it must have the leadership & skill of a professional.
Sales is an Art, a Science & a Profession to deliver results you need to understand The People, have The Strategy that’s right for your business and be on top of The Numbers. Antonio helps to increase performance, maximise sales & develop the sales team.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, we look at:

  • Why you should be proactively looking afetr your customer base.
  • Understand you and your customers business objectives.
  • Find out what opportunities are there for you
  • Keep asking simple plain questions.
  • Where are your new customers coming from?

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Antonio Falco


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It’s a fact most people would rather die than speak in public, however, if you are in business it’s now an important skill. On the show, we will talk about some of the techniques that you can use to improve your presentation techniques.

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Making Business Relationships Personal not a Process - Alastair Greener

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