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Innovative Mobile Apps for Business. This edition of Business Connections Live will be a valuable insight into understanding novel business models and how they might work in your industry. Many of the familiar Mobile apps that we all use on a daily business have interesting financial business models behind them.

Find out more about these Innovative Mobile Apps for Business

  1. Funding circle – P2p – SME Lending
  2. Transferwise – P2P Currency Exchange
  3. Indiegogo – Crowd funding community
  4. Canary –  Anonymously share insider news, thoughts, and rumors with your co-workers
  5. Trackr – Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? Make misplacing your belongings a thing of the past with TrackR!
  6. UBER – worlds largest taxi company that owns no vehicles
  7. Zip Car – rent vehicles by the hour
  8. Waze – realtime traffic information community
  9. AirBNB – Largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate
  10. UDEMY – On demand training community

On the show you will learn about both the application and the disruptive nature of their business in their markets.

This edition of Business Connections Live will be a valuable insight into understanding novel business models and how they might work in your industry…

Innovative Mobile Apps for Business: Steve will explain:

  • industry disrupting companies
  • How product is a game changer
  • How they all started out small and scaled
  • Why they are all very successful companies
  • The benefits of using a novel  business model
  • Some useful apps you can use as part of your business

Learn the business fundamentals on Innovative Mobile Apps for Business:

  • Ideas about how your industry might be being disrupted and by who
  • Identifying Products that might be  game changers
  • Identifying risks and opportunities in your industry
  • Learning from  very successful companies
  • Understanding novel  business models and how they might work in your industry
  • Trying out the useful apps from this programme that you do not know.

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