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Streamed live on 7th May 2014

‪https://www.businessconnectionslive.com/ – How to Successfully Outsource Social Media for Your Business – Business Connections Live Programme 34 Broadcast 7th May 2014


On this edition of Business Connections Live we revisit social media we look at How to Successfully Outsource Social Media for Your Business. It’s an important part of any business marketing strategy, but some businesses are not ready or able to commit the kind of time and personnel to managing a full-force social media campaign for their brand. This is where outsourcing comes into play. Businesses can instead find outside experts to help them run their social media.

How to Successfully Outsource Social Media for Your Business

Prem Gyani. is the Founder and Managing Director of Social Outsourcing. Many leaders of SMEs know that they should be engaging more in the digital economy but just don’t have the time or energy left after a full day at work.  A logical option is to hire a young person under the government’s apprenticeship scheme.

On average, companies that embrace the digital economy grow 40% faster, export more and employ 12% more people. However, managers of busy companies will tell you that this is a time suck.  It takes too long to select, hire, train, mentor and manage an apprentice in area where the manager may be unsure themselves.

Thus the obvious way to get our unemployed youth into work is passing us by.  So how we can all focus on our local communities and help our youth ourselves without any huge government intervention?

There are a million (however statisticians cut the numbers) of unemployed 18-24 year olds in the UK.  Each one of them is a PhD in the use of social media and digital marketing.  Sadly no such PhD exits.  At the same time most small and medium sized companies are too concerned about keeping their companies afloat and growing than to engage with the digital economy.  But they can’t for long. It already contributes around 17% of the UK economy.

  • How to Successfully Outsource Social Media for Your Business
  1. Young people from all walks of life are immensely skilled in digital technology. It’s the obvious way for us to get our longer term unemployed youth into work.
  2. Young people can use their digital skills very effectively if they are guided on how to use them.  They use the internet all the time and tend to pick up online business models very quickly.
  3. Small and medium sized businesses are risking their future by not engaging successfully in the digital economy and building communities.
  4. The digital economy is not just about digital services. Every business can enter the market in some way to the benefit of their company.
  5. Digital marketing and social media is not a black art. It’s about process and energy. It’s like any other marketing channel and is measurable and attributable.
  6. Digital marketing is not just for B2C companies. B2B use it very effectively to communicate with their suppliers, employees and clients.


  • Key Benefits
  1. SMEs of every type have to engage with the digital economy to secure their long term future.
  2. Young people can help SMEs engage with the Digital Economy.
  3. Apprenticeships are a very obvious solution to getting the skills is those skills are needed full time.
  4. The management effort for an apprentice should not be underestimated and should be anticipated.
  5. Young people ‘get’ digital. They quickly embrace business models and sectors to the level they need to represent a brand at a high level.
  6. Social Media is not rocket science.


For more information contact http://socialoutsourcing.co.uk/


-Business Connections Live Programme 34

This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel On YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 34. Broadcast 7th May 2014

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