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Why You Need To Be Digitally Skilled And Highly Connected

Why You Need To Be Digitally Skilled And Highly Connected

How business is changing and is forcing us all to become digitally skilled and highly connected.There was a time when business professionals and leaders could focus only on the skill that they traded in, also a time when employment was the best option for stability and wealth.

Now business people have to understand digital technology in order to build their worth in their market sector and to manage their daily business tasks efficiently.

Now with self-employment growing at an unprecedented rate, and digital invading all aspects of business and personal life, we all have to step up and be skilled with how to connect with others and manage our digital processes.

Our guest on today’s programme is Penny Power OBE. Penny has worked with technology since 1983, seeing the PC take its place on the desktop, in the home and then the emergence of digital. In 1998 Penny founded a new concept in business connectivity, the first social network for business, pre-dating LinkedIN by 4 years and Facebook by 6 years. Penny is a committed business-owner, building two companies through to exit and is now creating The Business Cafe. Penny is a mother of 3 children in their 20’s and has been married for 26 years

Penny has tracked and been involved in this advancement in skills and technology and received an OBE from the Queen in 2014 for the work she has done in contributing to the growth in entrepreneurship and digital enablement.

On this edition of the Business Connections Live, Penny will explain:

  • Importance of being individually connected in the social networks, not just as a company name and logo
  • How to find the right personal mindset to motivate online connecting
  • How to manage your mind as a sole trader or small business through the ups and downs
  • The importance of understanding business finance, cashflow and using cloud technology so that you can be bold enough to grow with confidence
  • The importance of your local economy and the stakeholders that drive growth
  • Placing your values at the centre of your decisions, supporting your emotional needs as well as your financial ones

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • Sustainable growth
  • Innovative thoughts
  • Deeper sense of control over decisions and business planning
  • Knowing who is right for your business, staff, clients and suppliers
  • Access to digital skills that are right for you as an individual, your own skills journey
  • How to widen your network and build a ‘manifesto’ of plans for the impact you wish to have

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