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How Video Collaboration gets things done

Video Collaboration is changing the way we communicate socially and in business. Within a few short years, most websites will have the appearance of multichannel media organisations.  On this programme we discuss how the workplace has changed out of all recognition in the past 40 years. We look at how much of it is driven by the introduction of new communication technologies aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness.

Video Conferencing

From the widespread introduction of the fax machine to the personal desktop computer and word processing to video conferencing, workers have had to grapple with new technologies. Many have had to adjust their work practices in order for their organisations to keep pace.

It was the advent of the Internet that has had and continues to have the most impact and it’s the generation that grew up on the Internet, the so-called Millenials, that is enthusiastically adopting these new technologies in the workplace to get things done and, as a result, driving changes in work practices at a pace never before seen.

So how can businesses be ready, what are the technological changes, how will impact on remote working find out on this edition of Business Connections Live.

Who is Doug Pidduck.

Founder and CEO of Intermedia Communication Solutions.  A veteran of the video conferencing industry, Doug has spent 25 years in marketing and sales in this marketplace.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Doug Pidduck

  • How Millenials are driving change in the workplace
  • What are the key factors driving the growth in video collaboration?
  • Working where you are – Using video in remote working & telecommuting
  • Working in teams – the rise of global teams and ad hoc collaboration
  • The rise of Huddle Rooms & Spaces
  • How to save office space when deploying huddle rooms

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • An understanding of the changes occurring in the workplace driven by the millennial generation
  • An appreciation of how video can be used to increase productivity and support efficient team work.
  • An understanding some of the challenges of and solutions to deploying video technology in modern huddle rooms and spaces
  • How to save floor space when deploying rooms for video collaboration
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