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https://www.businessconnectionslive.com – The right auto responder with the right words means business success – Business Connections Live Programme 8.

On this programme we featured the powerhouse behind customer relations management; the systems that create, generate and service customer contact management. In other words, the technology behind email marketing, SMS text transmissions, newsletter generation and data systems management. An explanation of the how these systems work and the benefits they bring to marketeers was complimented by a discussion on how to use this array of media options creatively with Matthew Ruddle from InTouchCRM and Steve Bridger – The Write Copy.

It is clear that far from being support players in the media mix, these tools are essential links in the communication chain. They should carry the brand or product persona and be as eye catching and involving as the mainstream activity. These elements all play a vital part in building and enhancing customer relations.

When it comes to presentation, the message should be personal. The words chosen are part of a continuing conversation you’re having with your customers, reinforcing and cementing relationships. This is particularly true as emails are sent to living, breathing individuals. The importance of this connection should not be undervalued. It would be quite wrong to think of CRM techniques as the poor relation, when set against the perceived glamour of television advertising for example. Television is broadcast, CRM is one to one or narrowcasting to a niche market. That’s where the strength lies.

The right auto-responder with the right words means business success Make certian your getting it right in your marketing strategie for your business.

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