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How to grow your brand, leads and sales using Facebook Advertising

Facebook is an incredibly powerful platform and holds so many opportunities for business owners, however, most don’t know the top ‘to-do’s’ on the platform and struggle to get great results.

Jordan will break down for you campaign objectives, targeting, ad creatives and some simple strategies that will allow you to get set up straight away so you can start leveraging this amazing platform.

Meet Jordan Bucknell

Jordan Bucknell, one of UK’s most successful tech-savvy entrepreneurs, who speaks for the value of perseverance, having started out with just a laptop and some homemade business cards.

Since graduating from Kingston University in 2009, Jordan has been recognised for his well-deserved success and was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011! He has also been awarded Enterprise Graduate and Enterprise Business awards and has even been a judge for KU’s own Bright Ideas competition.

When he’s not engrossed in his budding business, Jordan pursues his passion for sharing his experiences and knowledge with others, and frequently speaks at events across London, as well as working as a transformational coach and mentor!

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Jordon will explain:

  • Why is Facebook advertising incredibly powerful
  • What are the basic things you need to get set up
  • What objectives should you be using
  • How does the targeting work and what options should you be using
  • What is the best ad creative
  • How to optimise and scale campaigns to get great results.

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • A simple method that is applicable to all industries
  • A next step to take so they can get going right away
  • Some quick easy wins to potential leads and sales they may be missing
  • A list ‘hot audience’ list they should always be targeting
  • Better exposure, more business.
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