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CRM Customer Relationship Management. Automation is very much like the laws of physics. For every customer action, there is (or at least there should be) a business reaction. For every customer enquiry, there has to be a follow up, for every scheduled customer call, there has to be a reminder set etc. At first this is fairly easy, but as your business and your client base grow, you might find this takes more and more of your time. What if you could automate 80% of your customer interaction? What if you could speed up the conversion process and make your sales and marketing work for you 7 times more efficiently? This CRM Customer Relationship Management tool exists and chances are your competitors are already using it!

On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to James White the owner and CEO of InTouchCRM and is the driving force behind the company’s growth. InTouchCRM is a fully integrated Sales and Marketing Automation software provider which helps small and medium sized companies save time and make more money. James will tell you how to Automate to Accelerate, how to take your business into the digital age with Customer Relationship Management and how 1 tool can work while you sleep to save you time and make you money and it’s called CRM Customer Relationship Management.


Learn about: CRM Customer Relationship Management

  • What sales and marketing automation is?
  • Why you should even care about it?
  • How it can transform your business
  • How to justify the cost
  • If you are ready to incorporate automation into your business by using a checklist

With CRM Customer Relationship Management -Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • An understanding of what automation is all about
  • A knowledge of how other companies manage to be so efficient
  • An understanding of what automation can do for you to save you time, make you money and help you convert leads to paying customers faster

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