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Recruitment, Sales and Closing the Deal some of the fundamentals of business. Our guest on this week’s edition of Business Connections Live is Neil Clough, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mentor and finalist on The Apprentice. As well as speaking at many different events, Neil also operates a sales consultancy for start ups and SMEs and businesses that are looking to grow and a specialist recruitment company that offers unique services to both candidate and client.

Neil believes that when you start a business it is always difficult at the beginning so it’s important to get advice from other people who have already had the highs and lows in business.
You have got to know the reason why you are doing it and really believe in what you are doing. What makes you want to be successful?

A lot of businesses try to be masters of everything which makes it impossible to succeed. You must recognise that you can’t do it all so you should surround yourself with people that have the skills that you don’t have but are complementary to yours.

Recruitment, Sales and Closing the Deal

Ask for the sale!!! So many sales people don’t do this even though they say that they do. You waste your time if all you are doing is building the rapport with your potential customer and then don’t ask for the business.

 What you will Learn

  • How to be confident and believe in yourself
  • How to close in a non aggressive way
  • Always ask for the business
  •  Make sure you’ve given them all the reasons to say yes!
  •  Learn from other people’s highs and lows

What you will Achieve

  • The ability to build relationships and have meetings with the right people
  • Better networking skills
  • The confidence to close the deal
  • Every business is made on Sales. The more you have the more you will succeed

Having worked in sales environments for over 15 years, Neil’s passion and natural talent for selling has seen him progress through the ranks and achieve great success in his career. Having worked at every level in sales, from consultant through to director, Neil is highly experienced in both recruiting and developing sales talent.

These successes led to Neil becoming an Apprentice Finalist in 2013, where he was the top salesperson throughout and broke the record for most high-ticket sales ever on a task.

Neil left the world of employment to make his dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality. Despite his passion for property, he realised after the Apprentice that he needed to base his business on what he knows best. With over 15 years of sales experience his employment consultancy, Prime became a natural progression. For Neil, sales sit him the core of every business, and he is committed to helping businesses grow and sales people develop the skills they need to succeed.

http://neil-clough.com/ @NeilWClough

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