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Are whiteboard videos the right way to tell your customer about your brand.

Video can be one of the most powerful methods to promote and demonstrate your brand and service. So why do so many companies miss this opportunity and use uninspiring whiteboard branding videos?

Don’t get me wrong, I think this kind of video presentation has its place and is perfect for education and How To’s. However, for marketing and branding they leave a lot to be desired. Some corporate’s use them to position themselves in the market place, sanitising their message and core values.

I can see the appeal. Easy to produce,  low cost and quirky. But ask yourself this, would you send your scribbled notes from a meeting to an important client? I’d like to think the answer is no!

Video is an opportunity to capture your audiences attention and paint pictures in radiant colours in their mind’s eye.



How to make your own Corporate Videos

With a little know how, any business can make compelling  videos just by using their smart phone. With a little thought you can crack the short attention span of the average viewer and engage with them. Your video can be unique and different however,  the nature of whiteboard videos make them all very samey.

Some quick steps to shoot a powerful engaging video.

  1. Identify the proposition; what the video is about and the actual message you want the viewer to hear/see.
  2. How your proposition resolves the issue or adds value to the market sector or customers needs.
  3. Clear call to action, and that doesn’t always mean “buy now”.
  4. Hold the camera steady, ideally on a tripod.
  5. Invest in a microphone so any commentary doesn’t sound like it’s recorded in a toilet.
  6. Edit on your smart phone, tablet, Mac or PC.
  7. Keep it short. 3 words per second.

And if that feels too difficult, how about producing a corporate positioning video using high quality stock footage. We’ll talk about that in another blog.

Are whiteboard videos the right way to tell your customer about your brand?

What do you think? Do they have a place, have they worked for you or are they just a novel cheap alternative?

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