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Cyber Security and Data Protection

On this edition of Business Connections Live Steve Hyland asks Dan May, Commercial Director at the Surrey based IT firm, ramsac  about Cyber Security and Data Protection and how to use IT to ensure that their organisation is efficient, secure and resilient.

As organisations have become increasingly dependent on their digital assets, so have criminals become increasingly adept at exploiting weaknesses in IT security. Not a week goes by without cybercrime or data loss making the news headlines, and with the new GDPR regs just around the corner, there’s even more reason than ever before for business owners to be sure that they are taking all reasonable steps to ensure that their vital digital assets are secure, that their ‘human firewall’ (ie. Their employees!) are properly trained, and that there are bullet proof measures in place to provide a resilient fall back position when a cyber crime happens.

Dan May is the Commercial Director at the Surrey based IT firm, ramsac. Dan works with businesses, schools and charities to help them manage their IT needs, supporting and managing IT on a day to day basis as well as making strategic decisions about how to use IT to ensure that their organisation is efficient, secure and resilient.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Dan will explain:

  • The FBI believes there are two types of businesses in the world, those that have been affected by a cyber crime and those that don’t know that they have!
  • Protecting digital data is not just an IT department problem – the human firewall is often the biggest weakness in a business’ front-line defence.
  • Organisations need to invest in the appropriate technical solutions, but staff training and internal processes are just as important in protecting critical data.
  • GDPR preparedness is not just about looking at your marketing processes – data loss through cyber theft could leave organisations vulnerable to significant fines or loss of reputation.
  • Cloud computing does not mean that you’ve necessarily ticked the box for data security or back up – you still need to ensure that you have resilience, a clear idea of where your data resides and how you can recover it if anything goes wrong.

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • Business leaders should be able to sleep well at night, knowing that their critical data is secure, that their staff know how to keep it safe, and that if there was ever a problem, there is a clear and well documented process for how to roll back.
  • With some upfront thought and action, organisations can ensure that they are not only GDPR ready, but that they have good protection from fraud, theft or malicious attack.

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Free Guide:   http://www.ramsac.com/cyber-security

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