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For any SME or small business marketing is not an option — it’s vital if sales are to soar! Get Your Business Marketing Working says Dee Blick on Business Connections Live.

Most SMEs and small businesses dive into marketing tactics and spend money on stuff that does not work. Dee Blick can show a small business how a simple marketing plan before tactics delivers sales, why you don’t have to use a marketer and how this approach delivers long term growth with examples of great campaigns.

Dee Blick Get Your Business Marketing Working

For example a direct mail letter Dee created a few weeks ago has already generated 3 leads, one from a £100 million brand. How does she do this? She spends time with a client understanding core messages, target audiences etc. The letter cost peanuts but has had an amazing impact. Most small businesses don’t invest the time exploring and planning yet it drives sales, saves time and ensures accurate targeting.

On this edition of Business Connections Live Dee Blick explains:

  • Importance of targeting lapsed, live and VIP clients
  • Importance of having a positioning statement
  • Importance of finding your starving crowds
  • How to plan marketing campaigns using the Continuum of Behaviour
  • The 3 Cs of branding
  • The mistakes small businesses must avoid with their marketing

Dee shares real live and current business case studies to illustrate all the features and these amply convey the benefits which is more powerful than simply telling a business owner that it works. She gets across the fact that shoestring marketing takes time more than money and that it builds growth that a business can sustain. In a nutshell more sales at a lower cost.

Dee has 31 years experience in marketing and although she is comfortable in the digital world she knows that for so many of her clients ‘traditional marketing’ as it is called is so important and her approach is to be ‘brilliant at the basics’ when it comes to marketing. She gets results too having generated £12 million sales over her career. She also walks the walk in her own business and has a waiting list (never trust a skint marketer!!)

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