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https://www.businessconnectionslive.com – Local SEO and How Local SEO can work for you – Business Connections Live Programme 7.

On Business Connections Live this week we talk to Andy Williams — Digital Marketing Manager at Koozai http://www.koozai.com about Local SEO and How Local SEO can work for you.

So what is the Importance of Local SEO?

Google’s 2012 Venice update changed the way online businesses needed to address their local strategy. This update affected any search query that Google felt had local intent now striving to return local results over generic organic rankings.

The knock on effect meant that sites that were ranking on the first page for a search query could suddenly find themselves on the 2nd page as Google started to display local businesses ahead of long standing rankings.

Everyone should now incorporate a local strategy simply to safeguard their online presence. Google’s desire to give users personal and semantic results now means that logged in or not – if you search for a locally provoked search term (without including a location) you will see local results.

Business Connections Live’s Steve Hyland said that “this was a fascinating insight to the under the hood workings of Google and what its trying to give to its search engine users”. Local SEO and How Local Google SEO can work for you

Koozai’s Andy Williams discussed:

  • Local Google SEO On-Page Techniques
  • Local Listings and Link Building
  • Social Media — How this can help with Local Google SEO
  • How to gain online reviews
  • Citations — What they are and how to get them
  • The “Don’ts” of Local Google SEO

Once again this is a master class in understanding how Google works and how it can benefit your business growth.

All businesses should have a clear plan for:

  • A Local Google SEO strategy (regardless of your audience) that can ensure you don’t miss out on potential visitors and customers.
  • That you have a presence on local listings and review sites which can lead to customers as they have communities in their own right.
  • Using Social Media correctly will also put you in front of your target audience.

Andy Williams said “There has never been a better time for small online businesses to grab their share of the market”.

If you have ever wondered how to increase your Google ranking and drive new customers to your website then this hour is not to be missed, it all about Local SEO and How Local SEO can work for you.

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