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The Big Christmas Show 2016

The Big Christmas Show 2016  Watch the full Show HERE! With all your favourite expert Business Guests with more business advice.

The Big Christmas Show from Business Connections Live TV.

Steve Hyland and Linda Bazant bring you those vital Business nuggets of advice from some of our expert guests in 2016.

With advice from Paul Ryan, Kate Cook, Debra Charles, Crispin Manners, Denise Quinlan, Mark Walker, Antonio Falco, Greg Cooper, Jason Downes, Steven Altmann-Richer, Sally Hindmarch, Jim McLaughlin, Bronwyn Williamson, Nicky Kriel, Paul Bridgland, Emma Tarring, Anneve Hutchinson, Gabriel Buck, Michael Graham, Julianne Ponan, Rachael Taplin, John Pluck, Louise Punter, Stuart Miller, Dylis Guyan.

Watch the full Show HERE! With all your favourite Business Connections Live Guests
From all the team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



The Big Christmas Show Guest List 2016.

Paul Ryan – Interpersonal Communications BCL 114 

Kate Cook – Corporate Wellness BCL 115

Debra Charles – Social Entrepreneurship BCL 116

Sophie Wilson – The Value of PR BCL 117

Crispin Manners -Communications that Convert to Value BCL 118

Denise Quinlan, & Mark Walker – How to Stand Out from the Crowd BCL119

Antonio Falco – A Fairer Tax System for SMEs BCL 120

Greg Cooper – LinkedIn, Your Direct Link to Business BCL 121

Jason Downes – Entrepreneurial Success BCL 122

Steven Altmann-Richer – EU Referendum BCL 123

Sally Hindmarch – Impact and Influence BCL 124

Jim McLaughlin – Content is King BCL 125

Bronwyn Williamson – SEO for Business BCL 126

Nicky Kriel – Social Media Training BCL 127

Paul Bridgland – Making the Business Connection BCL 128

Emma Tarring & Anneve Hutchinson – How to Launch a Business BCL 129

Gabriel Buck – Export Financing BCL 130

Michael Graham – Perfect sales Pitch BCL 131

Julianne Ponan – Losses to Profit BCL 132

Rachael Taplin – Media For Free BCL 133

John Pluck – Multi Level Marketing BCL 134

Louise Punter, Stuart Miller, Antonio Falco – EU Referendum Debate BCL 135

Dylis Guyan – How To Attract Clients With Ease BCL 136

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