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Effective Shoestring Marketing

How to Market during and beyond the pandemic

The small business owner is struggling to wade through the current pandemic. It is far from business as usual and not every business can pivot their way out of this. They need practical, clear, and experienced advice of what to do now and beyond the pandemic from a marketer who is walking her talk and helping businesses right now do just this. This programme is a clear example of Effective Shoestring Marketing.

Expect case studies, ideas for campaigns, and advice that will help you to pick up the baton and put your business in with a winning chance of success. Marketing on a shoestring works when you have that all essential know-how.


Who is Dee Blick

I am a fellow of the chartered institute of marketing and whizz at getting products and services promoted in the media on a zero or shoestring budget. I have written four books on marketing – one which was translated into Chinese and one which was published by the global business publisher Wiley.

I have 35 years of experience helping small businesses to get results – increased sales, new products to market, punching above their weight – with astonishing results. I don’t talk theory or marketing waffle. It is all about action, clarity, focus, and targeting with relevant and compelling messages.



On this edition of Business Connections Live, Dee Blick will explain:

  • How to market beyond the pandemic
  • How to create a powerful marketing plan
  • How to develop attention grabbing campaigns

Learn what the you can expect to achieve :

  • They can kickstart their marketing knowing that they are adopting the right approach
  • That their efforts when applied with consistency will increase sales and put them back on an even footing.
  • This will also give them that all important confidence and self esteem.

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