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How To Take The Pressure Out Of Selling. “Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?” People are sick of feeling sold to- they’ve heard all the techniques, don’t like the cheesy approach and don’t appreciate being asked loaded questions. The good news is the world of sales has changed – for the better!

Today’s salesperson has to find ways to demonstrate how they care. They need to differentiate through their actions and prove how they can create real value. To do this they need to be able to understand what value actually represents UNIQUELY for that Prospect. By using this approach salespeople will feel more confident to do more of the things that they might otherwise be cautious of doing!

This is how Martyn Sloman helped one of his clients win the biggest single order (£160,000) in the history of their business to date!


Martyn…Sloman The “YES!” man of Gold Dust Sales Training helps you to sell to the right people. It’s about getting more of the right “yes’s” during your client and Prospect interactions. This leads to more business. Martyn does this through simple and effective sales training advice, coaching and training

This edition of Business Connections Live looks at How To Take The Pressure Out Of Selling  and will be a valuable insight into the techniques of selling successfully resulting in actions which will win more business.


Learn How To Take The Pressure Out Of Selling

  • The value of asking the questions you NEED the answer to
  • The value of demonstration & doing things others won’t do
  • The secret to selling more!

Discover the business fundamentals on how your business can achieve:

  • A realistic appreciation of what represents real value to the Prospect/ customer
  • The actions which take the pressure out of selling resulting in more business.
  • Practical ways to adopt the habit of self development- the single differentiating factor of every exceptional salesperson!

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