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For Dummies How To Publish Your Business Book
The business sector of the For Dummies series helps readers to be successful in their chosen field and empowers readers by providing them with an understanding of something which was previously a challenge to them.
On Business Connections Live we discover what it takes to be published by For Dummies.

This series enables readers to overcome real or perceived obstacles in their careers. It enables them to harness new ideas, start a new business, grow that business, and develop the skill-set needed to manage and run that business successfully and profitably. Some of the topics covered on the Business sector of the For Dummies series include: Business; Careers; Doing Business Online; Growing Your Business; Running Your Business; Starting a Business; Finding a Job; Management; Green Business; Non-Profit; Project Management; Small/Home Business; Business Networking; Business Communication; Marketing; Selling; Blogging & Social Networking; Search Engine Optimization; Web Design & Development; Accounting; Personal Finance; Home Buying & Selling; Insurance; Investing; Money Management; Retirement Planning; Taxes; and many more.

Business Connections Live Programme 51 Broadcast 3rd September 2014 For Dummies How To Publish Your Business Book

On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to Annie Knight Executive Commissioning Editor for Wiley. Annie is responsible for commissioning authors to write titles for the Business & Finance sector of its For Dummies series.

For Dummies titles provide readers with:

  • Explanations in plain English of complex business subjects
  •  “Get in, get out” information
  • Useful icons and other navigational aids
  • Online resources, templates, articles and cheat sheets…
  • Top 10 lists
  • A dash of humour and fun, making the information more accessible
  • Step-by-step illustrations to break down and simplify the subject matter

The profile of “For Dummies” readers:

  • For Dummies readers are intelligent – and the series harnesses that intelligence and arms readers with the tools they need to put it into practice in a way which will help grow their business and increase their profit margin.
  • For Dummies readers are usually frustrated or intimidated by a particular topic – our series helps replace this frustration with a real understanding of a topic which has finally been explained to the reader in an accessible way –enabling them to use this understanding in order to help improve their performance in the workplace.
  • For Dummies readers will have a high ‘need to know’ agenda, with regard to a particular topic – they need to be able to understand a certain complex subject in order to be able to start their new business and grow it – one of the key strengths of the For Dummies series format, is that it has been put together in order to specifically ensure that authors explain their complex subjects in a way that is accessible to readers who have very little prior knowledge of the subject area.
  • For Dummies authors are highly credentialed subject experts and really understand both their subject and their audience. This means that they are able to empathize with readers, and empower them to make decisions about their business or take on a previously unfamiliar task within their role with confidence.
  • The For Dummies series provides readers with information about their chosen subject in various different formats, including print books, eBooks, and Apps. This means that busy entrepreneurs and owners of smaller businesses are able to access information remotely, when they are travelling/out of the office etc. This will increase the amount of work they can undertake, and in turn, increase the profitability of their business.
  • The For Dummies website includes online Test banks with practice problems to aid learning; online learning courses; and delivers expert tips, advice and useful information straight to your computer or mobile device. How-to videos, step-by-step articles and Cheat Sheets enable our proven subject experts to get readers up to speed on a huge range of topics.

The Wiley For Dummies series now has over 250 million books in print, and covers over 1,600 topics. The target audience of this series is general consumers who want to get up to speed on important subjects that affect their personal or professional lives.
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Business Connections Live Programme 51
This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel On YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 51. Broadcast 3rd September 2014

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