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How To Prepare For A No-Deal Brexit

There is a lot of media coverage around a No-Deal Brexit. The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. If a formal withdrawal treaty has not been signed by this point, all EU rules and regulations will instantly cease to apply to the UK. But what does this mean to businesses across the UK? Does the recent spate of closures, in particular, the motor industry and headquarter moves does it spell the end for growth in the UK. Interestingly figures suggest that the UK will grow more over the next five years than many of its current European partners.

So what would be the impact of a No Deal Brexit?

Currently, it means there will be no remaining agreements between Britain and the EU on how to manage customs, trade, travel or citizens rights. A no-deal Brexit also means that the transition period from March 2019 to December 2020, would be off the table. Without a bilateral trade deal with the EU, Britain would be subject to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. UK exports would face the same customs checks and tariffs as other countries outside of the EU.

On this programme, we explore the possible consequences of No Deal Brexit and the impact of trade limitations for the UK and EU especially Germany and France which would carry costly implications for the car and agricultural industries.

Who is Linda Bazant

Linda is a Barrister with a Law and Politics degree and is a member of Gray’s Inn and BACFI. She is also joint founder of Business Connections Live TV. Linda provides Brexit readiness assessments and Data Protection (GDPR) guidance and advice to business. She also offers UK representation for controllers as well as Data Protection Officer Trainer & Speaker services.



On the programme, Linda Bazant examines:

  • The consequences of a hard Brexit to trade
  • What businesses can do to prepare
  • The consequences of being a third country
  • The UK as a member of the WTO

You will understand:

  • Assessment of any duties, charges
  • Updating existing contracts in readiness for a cross-border situations
  • How to obtain licences, certificates or other authorisations
  • Handling of personal data if we become a ‘third country.

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