How To Create Resilient Pricing

For Your Consulting, Coaching or Training Business


How to Create a Resilient Pricing Strategy is one of the perennial topics that service-based business-owners struggle with most. Especially women. Should I discount? Should I do it for free? Will premium prices turn away customers?

What do we mean by Resilient Pricing

As business owners, the entrepreneur is responsible for setting charges and getting sales so the two are closely linked and at the heart of the business’s success. The programme shares ideas tips and insights to create a  Resilient Pricing Strategy from someone who has a system that works.


Who is Alison Haill

Alison Haill is CEO and Founder of Oxford Professional Consulting Ltd, Oxford’s
boutique consultancy of coaching specialists for organisations and professionals worldwide.

A specialist in Leadership Communication, Alison works with C-Level and senior leaders to create transformational results in leadership and communication. Published author of two books on coaching in the workplace, she is herself an experienced Executive and Business Coach and also teaches others how to coach. With a robust academic background, she has a track record of 40 years working internationally with high achieving successful professionals to expand communication, leadership, and performance.

A qualified teacher at the start of her career, she has now worked in international business full-time since 1998 when she founded the company.

On this edition of Business Connections Live, Alison Haill will explain:

  • Why your pricing matters even more than you think
  • How women undermine themselves in pricing
  • How to give extra value without discounts or free stuff
  • How to stay resilient in your business in the current economic climate
  • Why mindset matters

Learn what you can expect to achieve :

  • More resilient prices
  • More income
  • Better value for customers
  • Delighted customers
  • Resilient well-grounded confidence
  • Action points
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