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The importance of your personal branding for professional success and what counts.

Impressions are made in seconds, a credible, professional image is essential so that people know, like and trust us. Without these elements, they are far less likely to engage with us professionally. Image is the gateway to people getting to experience your experience and expertise. People truly do buy people. Think of it as marketing yourself.
The vast majority of the first impressions we make is impacted by the visual (appearance and body language) with voice also an important contributory factor.

Personal Image Branding


What you will learn

  • Your personal image should get as much thought as your marketing plan
  • Businesses rely on networking as a key marketing pillar
  • How much are you really getting from networking
  • Key skills and your personal image are vital
  •  We all form impressions of others so it’s vital to consider ours

What you will achieve

  • Feel more confident
  • Communicate yourself (and if applicable your team/business) consistently
  • Win more business and progress your careerFor more information go to  http://insideoutimage.co.uk/
    Joanna works 1-2-1 but also runs workshops and client events
    Business Connections Live Programme 72.
    This is the Business Connections Live Business Channel on YouTube Business Connections Live Programme 72. Broadcast 18th February 2015

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