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How will things be different when we go back to work after Coronavirus?

Who will come out best and what practical things should I be doing now?

Back to work, every business must be worried about the consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. But will your business be ready for the fallout? Antonio Falco discusses his view on how business owners can survive COVID 19.

Getting ready to go back to work

When we do go back to work, are you going to be conducting your business the same way? What about sales? Will, you still be pitching or will you take this as an opportunity to start selling.

How will things be different after the Coronavirus, who will come out best, and what practical things should you be doing now? Antonio gives advice and practical tips, on how you should stop pitching and start selling and how to build a brave new world.


Who is Antonio Falco

My name is Antonio Falco and I can be The Sales Director for your business.

Sales cannot be left to chance. For your sales team to deliver it must have the leadership & skill of a professional sales director.
Sales is an Art, a Science & a Profession to deliver results you need to understand The People, have The Strategy that’s right for your business and be on top of The Numbers.

The role of The Sales Director is to increase performance, maximise sales & develop the sales team.




On this edition of Business Connections Live, Antonio Falco will explain:

  • What to do with your business whilst in lockdown
  • Revise your business plan and ask yourself why customers want to buy from you
  • Learn some basic sales techniques
  • Get your attitude in check
  • Learn to read, why and what
  • Start to have faith

Learn what you can expect to achieve :

  • You’re more capable than you think
  • A clear focus
  • Set a timetable for the working day
  • Set your tasks

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Website: www.antoniofalco.com
Twitter: @antoniofalco
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/afalco/

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