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Business Connections Live is a great resource in terms of information and advice for businesses that I’ve looked at over the years. I recommend watching the weekly show from Business Connections Live.

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CEO and Founder, Diamond Logistics the UK's Fastest Growing Courier Company

I watched a number of shows, what sets it apart is it’s all about giving the best business advice to its viewers. I would recommend any entrepreneur who is starting up or growing a business to watch Business Connections Live.

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CEO, AlldayPA

I can highly recommend Business Connections Live TV to any Entrepreneur or Business owner who wants a better understanding and help to grow their business.

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International Social Media Speaker , Author, Trainer and Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Coach.

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Why Time Management Is Crucial For Profit BCL132

Why Time Management Is Crucial For Profit As a young entrepreneur Julianne started with taking on a business at 22 in heavy losses with only 1 member of staff, she has gone through wearing many different hats in the business and learnt from the mistakes made along the... read more

The Perfect Sales Pitch BCL131

The Perfect Sales Pitch Sales is the key to driving every business forward. Sales success is closely tied to an individual’s passion for selling and Michael Graham – Senior Partner of MJB Graham Consultancy will talk you through building on team  spirit to drive your... read more

How To Gain Access To Export Finance BCL130

How to gain access to export finance. SME’s need funding to grow their exports and to manage payment risk against their buyers. Research shows that SMEs who export are a stronger credit than those who don’t. Banks are, despite public opinion, keen to lend to support... read more

How To Launch A New Business BCL 129

How To Launch A New Business Starting a new business or adding a new product line to your existing service portfolio can be the most exciting thing you ever do – but it can be one of the most daunting too. There are so many different elements to think about, it’s very... read more

How To Make Business Connections BCL 128

How to Make Business Connections. Today’s casual meeting could be tomorrow’s multi million pound customer. Is there a right and wrong way to approach Networking and do you need to do it all? Paul Bridgland is an expert in Word of Mouth Marketing and... read more

Social Media Trends in 2016 BCL 127

Social Media Trends in 2016: Review and Trends to watch On this edition of Business Connections Live we will be talking to Nicky Kriel and discussing recent changes on the major social media platforms that have taken place in the last year Facebook Twitter LinkedIn... read more

How To SEO For Business BCL126

How To SEO For Business. What is SEO (search engine optimisation)? Why it is important for SME’s. On the show, we look at common misconceptions about SEO and also give some advice on optimising your site. There is so much jargon about, analytics, clicks, bounces,... read more

Content Is King For Marketing BCL125

Content Is King For Marketing. The world of business development is changing rapidly. Anyone who doesn’t understand what changes are coming and what they mean to our companies runs the risk of being left behind in the race to grow our businesses This edition of... read more

How To Have Impact And Influence BCL124

How to have impact and influence. No matter how experienced you are there are moments when you don’t feel as confident as you would like to. It might be when standing in front of a camera or on a stage but it can just as easily be when having a difficult conversation... read more

The EU Referendum And Business BCL123

The EU Referendum and Business On this edition of Business Connections Live we talk to Steven Altmann-Richer, Head of Group, Confederation of British Industry (CBI) about the EU Referendum and business. What effect will have on British business. If you haven’t... read more

Entrepreneurial Business Success With Tech BCL122

Entrepreneurial Business Success With Tech With the advancement in technology, the layout, environment and set-up of the office space has evolved hugely in the last decade. The difference can be seen from ‘breakout’ areas being the norm at Silicon Roundabout-based... read more

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