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How To Sell With Power And Impact BCL177

How To Sell With Power And Impact On this edition of Business Connections Live Steve Hyland Talks to Dexter Moscow. Dexter talks about the processes and frameworks that have enabled him to sell £millions of products on QVC the Shopping channel. He explains how he has...

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How To Create IMPACT With Your Communications BCL176

How To Create IMPACT With Your Communications Steve Hyland talks to Nigel Risner , International Business Speaker and about The Impact Code, the Communications Zoo and how a good zookeeper can make all the difference. We talk how To Create IMPACT With Your...

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International Trade After Brexit BCL175

International Trade After Brexit Brexit - after Art 50 is triggered, what lies ahead for the UK’s international trade position? Stuart Miller talks to Steve Hyland about International Trade After Brexit, how businesses can prepare for the months ahead post March 2017,...

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This is where you can watch the weekly Live Programme from Business Connections Live every Monday at 12 Noon GMT. Expert Guests with free tutorials and advice for business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs who want to succeed in business. Our guests include industry leaders, business owners and business speakers from across the UK, all who understand the essentials of running a successful business.

We are always looking for expert guests to appear on the Live Programme. To be considered to appear on the Live Programme you will need to be an expert in your field with a substantial Social Media Following and link back to Business Connections Live. email

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