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Employee and Workplace Engagement

Workplace Engagement.

If your organisation is looking to engage with its employees, if you’re looking for a total solution to communicate using audio, video and social media platforms then Business Connections Live have the ultimate digital workplace to improve your emloyee communications.

Business Connections Live TV have partnered with the UK’s leading employee communications App mHub to provide a full service employee communications portal. Designed to allow full customisation and branding for organisations that need a comprehensive comms platform for video, audio and print media.

Workplace Engagement is becoming more important.

Produce Curate and Deliver Employee Communications

Bringing Life to your communications!

Production and Media Curation

In today’s fast moving business world, businesses need fast effective
communications. High Employee Engagement is paramount, Business Connections
Live have over three decades of expertise working in the corporate sector for
organisations such as British Gas and The AA delivering high quality multimedia
content for employee communications and workplace engagment.

The process is easy:

  • Identfy the business need
  • Create your message – Proposition, Resolution, CTA
  • Include a clear call to action
  • Publish, Measure and Archive

Easily deliver your corporate messages!

The mHub APP

The mHub app gives you quicker and easier access to all the information and tools you need to work more productively – wherever you are, from a single, secure mobile hub.

  • Easily access all your digital content prioritized in the updated feed or neatly organized into Channels.
  • Use the tools from your other work apps (Office 365, Salesforce, Enterprise Social Networks for example) to do more in less time and adopt new technologies and processes faster than your competitors.
  • Create and share user generated video (UGC) with the recorder to engage your audience like never before (the whole workforce, a team or customers and partners).


With mHub’s real-time analytics you can measure impact, response and drive data driven decision making.

  • With built in business intelligence you can easily measure the full impact of every communication. You know that your message is getting through, is understood and acted upon.
  • You can see who has viewed what, when and on which device and generate reports that detail exact viewing activity. You can use this to constantly improve your strategy.
  • This means you can make better decisions based on real data, rapidly improve your results and ensure compliance which is crucial in today’s business landscape.

The one stop solution for better Workplace Engagment

8 + 2 =


The powerful mHub platform allows you to create exciting, on brand, digital communications that help you engage every audience on any device. It’s so simple, you already know how to use it.

  • Package any digital content together in seconds, including video. Bring your communications to life, make them more useful, engaging and compelling.
  • Easily share your content in the best way for your audience. Push content to your own branded app with a click, embed it into other web services or share it by email or social media.
  • mhub detects each viewer’s device, location and bandwidth then intelligently responds to provide the best viewing experience for each person.

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Powerful Communications with your employees and customers

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