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How To Master The Dark Art Of Selling. Most sales people are little more than order takers and many who set up in business to be their own master, free from a pay cheque, become a slave to their prospects by abdicating their power in the sale to the buyer’s system so they can get the order. Buyers lie, steal, mislead and hide from sales people and we as sales people let them get away with it! That’s why we need to Master The Dark Art Of Selling.

This edition of Business Connections Live will be a valuable insight into how to inspire, motivate and help your sales people to understand why they struggle with many of their daily sales frustrations.


On this edition of the Business Connections Live, Benjamin will explain why:

  • You can lie to a salesperson and go to heaven
  • The buyer has a system so powerful we fall into it all the time
  • The person with the problem should never be in control so why do sales people let them?
  • Standing your ground is what selling is all about
  • Selling is a game of manipulation you have to learn how to play it
  • Having a system that out manipulates the buyer is essential to freedom

Learn the business fundamentals on how your business can ensure:

  • They’ll never take anything a buyer tells them at face value ever again
  • That they are a buyer more than a seller so they will always empathise with the buyer unless they have a system
  • That they are and always should be in control of the sale, even when they are desperate needy and skint
  • They understand that Selling is a West End Show played by a Psychiatrist
  • That taking orders, negotiating, discounting or over servicing, isn’t selling
  • That if you live a straight life in an un-straight world and you’re going to get trampled

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Website: www.southeast.sandler.com/southampton

Twitter: @dontputseagulls

LinkedIn: Benjamin Dennehy


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